Selections from A Royal Christmas.

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Production information

These selections were recorded live at St. Leander Church, San Leandro, California.

Producer/director: Bryce Martens
Assistant producer: Linsday Martens
Recording engineer: Andy Heller, Location Digital Recording
Photo: Bryce Martens
Graphic design: Larry Guyer, A la Carte Digital Studios
Creative consultant: Donna Martens
These selections are registered with The Harry Fox Agency, New York.


Jon Frank, percussion
Michael Gibson, trombone
Gregg Hosfeldt, trumpet
Jay Jordan, trumpet
Randy Krelle, trombone
Bill Langdell, French horn
Chris Leaf, trumpet
Brad Martens, sleigh bells
Bryce Martens, trumpet
Katie Poeck, French horn
Floyd Reinhart, tuba
Ken Sablinsky, bass trombone
Steve Salgo, trumpet
Ken Saul, trumpet